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Paragliding course

2010. 02. 21 - 22:08:20

The Sirius Flying ClubSiklóernyős repülés

start a paragliding course, where you can get an opportunity to recognize an amazing sport, and try it.

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The Shaman's Path - from the reservation to the Dalai Lama

2008. 10. 20 - 18:47:10

A Sámán Útja - a rezervátumból a Dalai Lámáig


Devalon Long Time Travelling

Devalon Long Time Travelling was born in 1954, in the Canadian Blackfoot Indian Reservation. During his childhood years he already had experienced lots of different mystic acquaintances, still he had to face - and then get over - really hard times in his later life in order to become a healer and a teacher,a shaman. Severe car accident, bad disease, alcoholism, drugs, crime, jail... He also used to be a politician, a building contractor and a policeman.


The turning-point of his life was, when he met the Great Spirit. After that he had started walking his real spiritual path. As a part of this journey, he met His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


This film presents Devalon’s walk of life and some of the ancient [Natie American] Indian Ceremonies, amongst them the topmost Sundandce, which was banned by the goverment of the US in the 1800s and got permitted again only in the second half of the 1900s. Up to the present we could only see a very few stolen pictures of the ceremony itself, because it’s been strictly prohibited by Native American Indians to take any kind of pictures or films of it.


Devalon got permission through a vision in 2007, thus he could have these pictures taken at his ceremonies. The unique pictures of our film show all details of these, among them the last Sundance held in Europe.


 Not suitable for viewers under 16.


Language: English

Subtitle: Hungarian, German, Italian, French,

Playtime: 66 min.

Image Proportion: 4:3

Region Code: Pal-2

Directed by: Attila Kubicsek

Cameraman: Attila Kubicsek

Music: Sacred Spirit, Oliver Shanti & Friends

Graphics: Zsofia Nagy


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All rights reserved for this DVD. Only home play is authorized. It’s prohobited copying any parts of the visual or audio materials of this DVD. Strictly prohibited showing this DVD at any public places. The above activities or the their toleration would be fined.